Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Lampwick was released in February.
Not many downloads as I haven't really posted it about much.

Since September things have turned back and forth mentally and physically for me. I am getting no peace to get back into my groove and where I was, yet I maintain my output, slow as it may be.

A few people are the problem and cause of this, their arrogance and bitterness that they exude daily to me, unbeknownst to them, is making them feel less than a friend that they make out to be.

I will get away soon to make more pulsating vibrations for you and I, oh I.

6 new tracks are finished and I need to make the cover image for the next part of my output.
"Quilled Paper Anatomy" is the name I have graced it with.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Recent works

My last entry dealt with a want of new auditory structure for this project.
After the album was released ( that album being Subjective Purity - click to link up to the release) I got a lot of help from friends.
I ended up creating something new - Bòidheach Ròs EP
This album was a very big turn, it ended up being very helpful in the making of the next one - Contact of Flesh.
A couple of months settle as I make music with other projects then something itches me. The new sound isn't good enough. Where are the amazing sound design drones and dark ambient horror driven passages?
It whizzed by me.
Then I got a second win.
Apeiron is released.
Another part of me flinches and I ooze out another release - Haze of Emptiness.

I am still going.

Friday, 22 February 2013

End of the line.

I have been recently diagnosed with depression.
You could probably see that I was if you know me.
My last album - The Green Of Nature Left At Winter, reflects said mood.
After that I began making a new album.
It came to 5 tracks in length before I made a change in the way I want my music to be.
The album in question is - Subjective Purity
The track in question that changed my style is - Lingerie Store Ballet that is a track for a compilation album.

New tracks have been made.
One person has been so comforting and just pure love throughout this hard time.
Tracey Fitzgerald aka Ech(o) who you can listen to here.

All the love and all the happiness to all.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Another lot of new things from me.


Tracks; The most recent track of mine is PHANTASM NOCTURNES - Open The Box (Bash Novas Hell In a Box Remix)

Well then, I begin with a track taken from PHANTASM NOCTURNES aka Betty Koster.
The story for making this remix -
I gave her a little comment on her original - 
Open The Box Nightmare Remix .. later on Facebook we got to talking & I ask her to email me the samples for the remix as with a new project name; Shooting Birds Out The Sky.

I check out the samples out & note their ambient feel to them, much like all things Bash Nova...
spent a while fucking about & got into it. The remix became a lovely spiral of ambiance rolling in the space of a tiny forlorn fear of the Cenobites...Secondly...

After a long while of them gathering 
digital mold, I put out 3 new 7 track albums for free...
(I am a great guy, aren't I??)
1. Baritine
2. Mimeo

3. Forgetting Enlightenment

I totally for got to mention another album that was put out!! 

A split release with a master of  the Accidental Guitar technique; Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt!
Bash Nova Vs Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

That is about it from me with updates.
You can check out more of my work in the following link
Shooting Birds Out The Sky Bandcamp
Shooting Birds Out The Sky Soundcloud

Icolmkill Bandcamp
Icolmkill Soundcloud

Notice I haven't mentioned 
Swin Deorin...

Enough of him for the time being ;)


Monday, 17 December 2012


A new few things from myself...


Album news;
I put a new one out from my bandcamp page for free or for a donation if you feel like I deserve money for my musical effort.


Track news;
New ones are on my soundcloud.
A Reflection Of Your Aura
Better Alone

And finally;
I have been making a lot of progress with my Icolmkill project as of late.
The general feeling is that of which I also get from the Bash Nova project.
I improvise guitar in open c tuning & record the outcome.

Anyway, that will be about it from me.


Friday, 12 October 2012

Gone again.

I've gone into another place again.
It would be amazing to share it with you.

But for now?
I think I will keep it to myself.
Everything I am making right now is just love & pleasantries.

I'll be appearing on a few compilations soon.

Im also working with a few artists that I love.

The split I was making with Consistency Nature came out. - Cat Chatter

Another one that came out is Bíð - my biggest album yet with 9,527 downloads/plays.

I put together a 4 track (two track each) with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. Im very happy to work with him as his accidental guitar work is genius.

Talk about one genius & its time to mention another one, Mr Jason "EVIL" Covelli, an amazing man with a mouth that can tell you how it really is. His spoken word pieces are amazing. I am on a compilation put out by TRASHFUCK Records - Horrifying Reality, The Remixes Vol. 1.
Everyone put something to a spoken word piece by him.
Well, they are making another volume!
Aaaaand we are making a split together!

Hopefully I will be playing guitar on one of my next albums.
What I've been working on is playing with the delay on my amp.
Open C tuning (quite nice) clean tone.

But yeah.

Keep a look out for new things from me.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Going back to nature.

I am going back to my original sounds of nature.
Its been a long time coming as I have been playing with ambiance, ambient drone & soundscapes a lot lately.
I think I can po
ssible combine them to make a more perfect vision of what I want or where I am going with this "music" experiment.

I haven't a clue what is going on in my brain but when I get my mind back to how I want it, you will hear it.

In other new
s, I might give up the 
Swin Deorin thing in a while.

It might be for the be

But that
s only where my brain is at right now.
I've been going with that name for 4 year
4 year
s of making crap.

sh Nova might be my calling.
Like how Pollux i
s one project for everything.
Why the fuck can't I be more like that?

I have to have a certain per
sonality & name for every type of music I create.

Im ju
st writing out how I feel.



s. I have been very unhappy this past while so give a guy a break.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Another Time, Another Face

Releasing my album Bíð on Sirona Records was amazing.

I thank the netlabel community for helping my get to 8,331 download. Especially Mr Arnaud Barbe, who threw it about the internet like an std of ambient love.Bíð - link to the album!

Also, I hope to be making a few split releases with some artists that I have been talking with!

In other, other news.

The cosmic space time continuum is pushing me to opening myself up a lot more.

My chakras are opening more.
My root is awakening slowly.

The music I will be creating with this project will reflect my journey.


Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What I have been up to.

Well, I thought for a long time about giving it up.

My last post on here was in January.
But the self pity never left.
I keep going on with what pushes its way into my brain and out through the ambient sounds I make.

Fading the Moon

A track from the album I Wont Help I put up for free.
Trashfuck Records are still to put out an album of mine.
A frien was mastering another.

I was loving making 2 low-bit tracks for a split with Consistency Nature.
The label still haven't gotten back to me about releasing it.

What else?

Also, I am happy I will never play live in my local area.


Enough of that.

I hope people check out all my things above.

Also, here are a few links to new songs on my soundcloud.
Nightriver Flowing (appearing on the forthcoming Bíð album as Nótt River Flýtur)
Bitten Bug
Ouara (appearing on the forthcoming Bíð album as Nálgast)

That about wraps it up!


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A brief history of Bash Nova

Ok, I am going to speak about the history of this project.
This project was supposed to be a NOISE outlet from my other project Swin deorin.

It has now taken itself into new forms.

Abstract, ambient, soun
dscape, nature sounds, found sounds is how it is now.

Ok this project starte
d out as being calleDrekx Umrallho Bash Nova. 

I released Kiss The Mountain (self released). This was my1st album with this project - then there was a nice little single release Honour (released by Creative Obsession - now calleSirona Records).

After that I was collecting noise sessions I was making to release later.

Then it happened. External hard-drive error making me loose EVERYTHING I had been working so har

So then I pushed it to a new direction I rename
d the project "Bash Nova and released Corners. It was self released and I even got mildly positive review - Corners review

Next to come was another self release - Hiding Places - it wasn't well received like the one before it, but I was still experimenting with sounds.

After some downtime and more experimentation with sounds, I made Yoruk. (Released on Sirona) It was different. It was something I had never ventured into. Slow ambience and found sounds for drums. Nonima featured on it remixing a track - I remixed one of his too on it.
I got 2140 downloads. (count on 8/12/2011)

Next it was another slow ambient/sound-scape release calleWhisp. (Released on Sirona) I experimented with tracks like Ambientax where only good sound systems and headphones could pick up the tones, almost too ambient. The cover art was by a friend calleRichard Gaston (name as link to his Flickr)
I got 2472 downloads. (count on 8/12/2011)

Next was a split release with Pollux (link to his site) - Seething Ambience Split .(Released on Sirona)
Pollux is the man behin
d Sirona and is very well known in the low-bit/netlabel scene.

My latest release is Ferox Equus (Release
d on Sirona) - that being Latin for "wild horse".

It has reached 3135 downloads to date (count on 8/12/2011).

I also maintain the Bash Nova soundcloud, my most recent tracks on it are from my new and upcoming album - a working title is "Regeneration Halo".
I have 2 tracks of a wanted 6 but I am wanting to go lo-fi with it so I may go 10 tracks!

I'll be posting something soon.